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Another Successful Solar Installation Completed by Craig Michael Renewables!

We’re thrilled to announce the completion of yet another remarkable solar job! This time, we installed a total of 20 cutting-edge 400W panels, strategically placed with 10 on the front and 10 on the back of the property. With adjustable brackets ensuring optimal sunlight capture, this system is set to revolutionise the customers energy efficiency.
But that’s not all! We’ve gone above and beyond by integrating the system seamlessly into the garage circuits and even the downstairs toilet. Every detail meticulously considered for maximum convenience and effectiveness.
Our team has done a fantastic job, and we couldn’t be prouder! Now, our valued customer can look forward to substantial savings on their energy bills in the future, all while reducing their carbon footprint.
Ready to make the switch to solar and start saving? Contact us today via our website at, give us a call at 01952 606799 or +44 7891 337727, or simply drop us a message on our social pages.
Join the green revolution with Crag Michael Renewables! 🌱💚

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